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Faro, Algarve: A Historical Hub with Tango

Faro, the captivating capital of Portugal’s Algarve region, offers a rich blend of history, stunning natural beauty, and vibrant cultural experiences. Its diverse appeal is highlighted by the presence of milongas.

From the moment I stepped foot in Faro, its bustling marina, well-preserved Old Town, and vibrant local life painted a picture of a city that honors its past while enthusiastically embracing the present. The old city walls encase a wealth of historical landmarks, while the modern areas of Faro pulse with the energy of cafes, shops, and lively cultural events, including milongas.

Faro’s coastal location lends it a natural charm that’s hard to resist. The Ria Formosa lagoon, a protected natural park, offers tranquil beauty and diverse wildlife. 

Gastronomy in Faro is a true delight. The city’s seaside location means fresh seafood is a menu staple, and local dishes like cataplana de marisco are a must-try for any food lover. Cap off a delicious meal with an evening at a local milonga, where you can sway to the rhythm of tango and soak in the vibrant local culture.

A visit to Faro wouldn’t be complete without exploring the local markets. Alongside fresh produce and artisan crafts, you’ll find traces of Faro’s tango culture – perhaps a pair of tango shoes or a CD of traditional music, perfect for reliving your milonga experience back home.

The people of Faro, with their genuine hospitality and shared love for tango, truly make the city shine. The sense of community at the local milongas is welcoming and inclusive, creating an environment where anyone can join in the dance and become a part of Faro’s lively tango scene.

In short, Faro, Algarve, is more than just a travel destination. It’s a historical hub for dancing with tango, a city that offers an unforgettable blend of rich history, coastal beauty, vibrant culture, and a milonga scene that invites everyone to join the dance. I eagerly anticipate my return to Faro to uncover more of the city’s captivating rhythm and charm.

There is a milonga usually once a month or so.